reaching the nations


Expanding the Kingdom!



Our mission is to 

*Reach remote areas with the gospel of Jesus Christ

* Help provide resources for refugees & those effected by the war

* Train and disciple new believers to plant new churches

Partner Sponsors / Month to month


$10 / $20 or more

You can contribute & help children have the basic supplies,  clothes & food. We will make sure children are taken care of. We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone.



$50 / $60 or more

Many families are struggling for basic food, bills and supplies. You can help sponsor the family by giving as little as $50. These families are usually leading families in communities to reach the lost. The amount will not cover all expenses but it will help with most basic needs. If you have a heart for healthy families we need your full support.



$80 / $100 or more

You can be a part of the BIG picture. Partner with an established small group that has 15+ people and is growing into a church. We have planted 52 in past 8 years. Our goal is 100 more in next 4 years. We need your help to expand the kingdom. Revival has already begun.


Our history


Former Yugoslavia has endured many difficulties. Due to the Balkan war Yugoslavia split in 7 different countries; Serbia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia & most recent Kosovo. This area endured 50 years of communism and sanctions. The past 25 years have been torn by the balkan war which happened in the early 90s. Many people have left their cities, many have lost their loved ones and as the result of running from the war we have many more refugees that are struggling to make ends meet. Many families suffer due to high unemployment  & worsening poverty. The current refugee crisis is adding further strain and thousands of refugees from the middle east arriving in Serbia are in desperate need of help. Children & families need your support for basic supplies.

Balkan area has only 0.01% evangelical Christians who currently have a huge spiritual potential to advance the Kingdom of God because of the revival God has already begun.

Revival has broken out and a new desire for discipleship has been birthed, however, we need your help to keep this revival going. We have strategically established centres for training and Pastor Danijel has planted 52 House Churches since 2008. We are always encouraging and training new disciples to start House Churches, teaching and delegating ministry to others as the revival continues to grow. It is only thru the power of Jesus Christ that many are being saved, healed of incurable diseases and being water baptized.


Mission Yugoslavia represents ministry

to the former Yugoslavian countries including

Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Hercegovina,

Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia & Kosovo.


Mission Field

Why us?


A war torn country.

Over 250.000 innocent people were killed & more than 1.5 million were forced to leave their homes. 

In the midst of the chaos the good news of Jesus is still being spread.

We need your help.

Partner with Mission Yugoslavia to reach the villages filled with people who need your help.

We need you, we need your prayers, finances and help in any way.

With giving as little as $10 a month you can help us in building the kingdom of God in East Europe.

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About pastor Danijel

Pastor Danijel has a wife and three children. One of his kids David is involved in full time ministry. Pastor Danijel has been in ministry his whole life, he has published books, planted many churches and oversaw mission trips. He is leading Bible Mission Centre Apostolos School that trains people to reach the lost. He has written and published the first ever available in Serbia...

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